Meet our Artists!

Real Name: Dana
SJ Name: DanaBoBana
Website/Comic: On the Bright Side
Favorite Things to Draw: Romantic stuff and cute things :3
Art Style Used: Manga
Preferred Art Tools: Pen and paper
Mini Bio: I'm a graphic artist student. I draw comics on the side.

Real Name: Monica H.
SJ Name: BakaMonMon
Website/Comic: Ocean Tides
Favorite Things to Draw: Chibis and Cute things
Art Style Used: comic/manga
Preferred Art Tools: paper, pen, Shuichi (My Old laptop-RIP), Hoshi (My New Laptop)
Mini Bio: I've graduated from a small liberal arts college, majoring in graphic design with a minor in illustration. I am currently working as a Web Developer/Designer for a County Website. Inspired by many things around me, I enjoy the beach or the mountains, both places are very relaxing.

Real Name: Kiana B.
SJ Name: Buu
Website/Comic: Clubbed
Favorite Things to Draw: Chibi's, Surrealism, Uke's and so much more babes :]
Art Style Used: Comic/Manga/Abstract
Preferred Art Tools: Pen 'N' Paper
Mini Bio: I'm a teen stalker who enjoys doodling all over herself. :]
Not much interesting 'bout me =_=.. HURHURHUR.

Real Name: Elle
SJ Name: toadette
Website/Comic: journey to olympus
Favorite Things to Draw: cute stuff chibi and bunny rabbits :)
Art Style Used: comic/manga/doodles (?!)
Preferred Art Tools: pencil paper and herman (my scanner)
Mini Bio: I draw manga every minute i get. But still im no good ;)

Real Name: Scarlett
SJ Name: koneko-chaan
Website/Comic: Don't really have one, just a bunch of collabs
Favorite Things to Draw: Girls, folds, fanart <3
Art Style Used: Manga
Preferred Art Tools: Traditional and Digital :P
Mini Bio: I'm a junior high student, who enjoys drawing, music, writing and theatre. I love working on collaberations with other people online. XD

Real Name: Sarah
SJ Name: CGsomnium
Website/Comic: Innocent Rebellion
Favorite Things to Draw: male anatomy, romance, blood, cityscapes and exterior structures.
Art Style Used: Comic/Manga/Western (upcoming comic)
Preferred Art Tools: Ink.
Mini Bio: I am an aspiring graphic novelist. I love all kinds of comics, so I draw every kind. I take inspiration from everything i love and every comic i read. I am always challenging myself as an artist and pushing my limits. "My mind's a machine and it's always in overdrive."

Real Name: Zachariah
SJ Name: Zachlight
Website/Comic: DeviantArt [demonprincelaharl]
Favorite Things to Draw: Anime, Sonic like characters, furrys
Art Style Used: CUSTOM!
Preferred Art Tools: My hand, a pencil.
Mini Bio: I am just the the anime artist that looks forward for the future and a better tomorrow, hoping to change it for the better. I'm Zach, nice to meet you~

Real Name: Chrissy
SJ Name: airatainted
Website/Comic: Juice
Favorite Things to Draw: Anime/manga, silly little cartoony doodles, faces, bodies, nonsense
Art Style Used: mix between anime and cartoons
Preferred Art Tools: pencils, pens, markers, etc.
Mini Bio: Hello, I love drawing. I love comics. My favorite thing to draw is comics.

Real Name: Marcus D.
SJ Name: Marcus Brigade.
Website/Comic: Their World.
Favorite Things to Draw: People. :/
Art Style Used: Doodle.
Preferred Art Tools: Graphics Tablet.
Mini Bio: I waste my time drawing comics 50% of the time and playing games the other 20%. Oh and the other 30%? well that's spent being annoying.

Real Name: Teresa
SJ Name: Frizillion
Website/Comic: Never updated, but DeviantArt.
Favorite Things to Draw: Chibis, doodles, detailed hair
Art Style Used: Anime/Manga, sometimes my own style
Preferred Art Tools: Pencil and paper, Paint Tool Sai
Mini Bio: I've never taken any classes in art, but I spend a long time practicing.I like to play video games and I'm always trying to brainstorm ideas for comics.

Real Name: Tori
SJ Name: DigiPikachuX
Website/Comic: Avery
Favorite Things to Draw: Manga,chibis,My character Eco,and of course,random doodles!:D
Art Style Used: Mostly manga,but I like drawing cartoon styles as well.:3
Preferred Art Tools: My Bamboo tablet,and GIMP.:3
Mini Bio: Um,Well.I pretty much just go to school(if I have to/if it's not vacation or whatever-),draw,and listen to music all day.Oh,and watch television.:p

Real Name: Cally
SJ Name: xienien
Website/Comic: Well, the others are kind of on hiatus so: this
Favorite Things to Draw: Girls probably, fantasy things.
Art Style Used: Semi-realism? And sometimes cartoony. I'm still kind of trying to find a style.
Preferred Art Tools: Photoshop!
Mini Bio: I've always wanted to draw comics but I'm still pretty amateur, I'd like to get better and get advice.

Real Name: Gia
SJ Name: Petite
Website/Comic: Clockwork Circulation, GENERATION: OVERDRIVE
Favorite Things to Draw: Shounen, Shoujo, Anything undeniably cute, Varies on what type of mood I'm in
Art Style Used: Manga
Preferred Art Tools: Pencil, Scratch Paper, Pen, Tablet
Mini Bio: An aspiring artist and unmotivated musician trying to survive life while at the same time being incredibly lazy and having no care of what's going on in the real world.

Real Name: Glenn
SJ Name: mappy41
Website/Comic: DynaFaux University of Speed
Favorite Things to Draw: Concept Cars
Art Style Used: Manga
Preferred Art Tools: Markers, paint, and airbrush
Mini Bio: I'm a custom painter who would paint anything as long as paint will adhere to it. Im drawing comics for fun!

Real Name: Vicky
SJ Name: GuineaPiggy
Website/Comic: Saints' Calling
Favorite Things to Draw: People (anime style), costume designs, and weird animals.
Art Style Used: Mostly anime.
Preferred Art Tools: Wacom tablet and Photoshop
Mini Bio: I'm a crazy artist who obsesses over her own stories :3

Real Name: Zachariah
SJ Name: AlizeSilver
Website/Comic: Text Message
Favorite Things to Draw: People, especially cute chicks ^^
Art Style Used: Anime, Manga
Preferred Art Tools: Mechanical Pencils, Photoshop :P
Mini Bio: Smart, Cool, Funny umm i dunno Me? haha :P i get along with everyone and i love drawing, music, making my hair crazy! thats about it :D

Real Name: Anna
SJ Name: Annamaru
Website/Comic: I don't have one right nao ;w;
Favorite Things to Draw: People (anime), random stuff
Art Style Used: mainly anime but am doing realism as well...
Preferred Art Tools: pencil and paper, photoshop and tablet
Mini Bio: I love to draw anime, read anime, sing anime. And I LOVE to play video games including L4D(2), Resident Evil 5 and Harvest Moon~

Real Name: April
SJ Name: -MA-
Website/Comic: Currently working on one comic.
Favorite Things to Draw: Cartoons
Art Style Used: Cartoon/Anime
Preferred Art Tools: Photoshop and pencil.
Mini Bio: I attend college and have been drawing for quite sometime as a hobby.

Real Name: Kristen (my nick-name is Kcie)
SJ Name: Aiko-Kcie
Website/Comic: The Wimsey Files, Seeking Angels, 6th Period Band Class, Their Eyes
Favorite Things to Draw: Cute scenes with couples, flowers, kawaii boys *blush*
Art Style Used: Manga, realistic sometimes.... I like to draw scenery
Preferred Art Tools: paper and pencil usually, but I've been playing around with SAI paint tool lately
Mini Bio: I'm currently a performance major, and work as a sound technician. Drawing comics and such is what I do in my spare time.

Real Name: Simon Davison
SJ Name: ExKirby
Website/Comic: Blue Moon CYOA
Favorite Things to Draw: Mini 8-Bit dudes
Art Style Used: 8-Bit, Stickmen, occasionally Manga with Watercolours
Preferred Art Tools: Paint.NET
Mini Bio: Most of my time is spent playing games, reading webcomics and attempting to summon the Earthbound Immortals. So... yeah.

Real Name: Tiri
SJ Name: Cwtsh
Website/Comic: umm... this one so far =L
Favorite Things to Draw: mostly people and flowers =D
Art Style Used: manga i guess xD
Preferred Art Tools: pencils xD though i've resently got a tablet =P
Mini Bio: Hi =3 I'm a random welsh freak that loves pigs =D

Real Name: Samiko, just call me Cakie though
SJ Name: CakeLoving_Bunnygirl
Website/Comic: I don't rlly have any original comics right now, all collabs.
Favorite Things to Draw: Anime, eyes, colourful things
Art Style Used: Shojo anime
Preferred Art Tools: Photoshop or pencil and crayons
Mini Bio: I'm probably one of the youngest, crazy obsessed yaoi fangirls you'll meet. I love making friends and drawing and I will always try to improve.

Real Name: Caryn
SJ Name: RibbonBun
Website/Comic: Nothing Yet. >n<
Favorite Things to Draw: chibis. >u<
Art Style Used: anime/manga-styled & cartoony
Preferred Art Tools: Graphics Tablet & Pencil/Paper
Mini Bio: Well...yeah. I get scared easily. really. easily. That's pretty much it. Oh. & i like drawing. pffft. xD

Real Name: Unknown
SJ Name: Ciri
Website/Comic: TBA
Favorite Things to Draw: Chibi, Profile, Males, People, Non-Humans, Doodles
Art Style Used: Manga, Anime, Semi-Realistic
Preferred Art Tools: 0.5 Mech. Pencil, 0.25mm Micron pen, Paper, Tablet, Sai, Photoshop
Mini Bio: I would someday like to be an Mangaka or a Graphic Novelist. I have been drawing since being a child but have only taken it seriously now, therefore I am a beginner artist. Nice to meet you all.

Real Name: Christian Pambrun
SJ Name: FossKnKiller
Website/Comic: Foss Art Works
Favorite Things to Draw: mostly sonic characters
Art Style Used: don't have one. I just draw whatever
Preferred Art Tools: pencil, paper and my mind
Mini Bio: I'm just an average 15 year-old guy who goes to school and loves to draw more anything!

Real Name: Dora Estela Gonzalez
SJ Name:van_maniac
Website/Comic: Weblight Dreams
Favorite Things to Draw: Anime, Manga, Comics, Videogame related art.
Art Style Used: Manga or at least my own perception of it. A little realism here and there, mostly when painting.
Preferred Art Tools: Photoshop, Watercolors, Copic Markers.
Mini Bio: Female freelance artist who some day hopes to make art for a living. Attends as many conventions as she can to spread her art to those like it.

Real Name: Leighanne Shay AKA Ren
SJ Name: MissRen15
Website/Comic: Colliding Worlds and Twelve Months Till June
Favorite Things to Draw: Girls, Goths, realistic hands, nekos/inus, BL/GL, really anything.
rt Style Used: Anime/manga/chibi though i do do a lot of realistic arte
Preferred Art Tools: 2H pencil, Mangaka pens (aka really fancy inking pens), GIMP
Mini Bio: I am in college majoring in biology and minoring in graphic arte and design. I'm hoping to teach science and arte for highschool and coach shot-put and discus. I love the fine artes and the performing artes.

Real Name: Autum
SJ Name: Maybe Later (fer serious thats my name)
Website/Comic: Maybe Later and the very slow As Life Goes On
Favorite Things to Draw: stick people 8D
Art Style Used: stick people, anime/manga weirdness, and cartoons
Preferred Art Tools: pencil and paper. yeah im old school like dat
Mini Bio: Extreme procrastinator. Sarcastic and bitchy, but hilarious if you are to. If I come on as mean I probably dont mean it, my words just dont translate well over text. Live in a small town in BFE (BumF*ckEgypt) USA. still in highschool. female. lesbian. 5'7, brown hair, slate eyes, pale as paper skin, dagger nails, addicted to sleep and am an avid reader/writer.

Real Name: Matthew
SJ Name: Rebar
Website/Comic: Mysteries and Moonbeams
Favorite Things to Draw: Delightfully stupid things.
Art Style Used: Cartoon
Preferred Art Tools: MS Paint.
Mini Bio: I'm a teenager who is strongly against using stupid emoticons like "XD" or ":3" all the time. I like bacon and dislike PETA.

Real Name: Tammy
SJ Name: shlaraki
Website/Comic: deviantART
Favorite Things to Draw: My characters, animals, buildings
Art Style Used: Cartoony
Preferred Art Tools: Pencils, paper, tablet, laptop
Mini Bio: I'm kind of out there, I like abstract things, and am introverted. I love colours and music and anything that allows people to express themselves.

Real Name: Lillian
SJ Name: empressluna
Website/Comic: I'm new to SJ, but a comic is in the works
Favorite Things to Draw: people
Art Style Used: manga style
Preferred Art Tools: pencil, pen, colored pencils
Mini Bio: I've been drawing since half past forever and am currently working on my first actual comic with a writer (I'm too lazy to write my own comics). I mainly work in traditional style, but I've experimented with CG on my iPod :)

Real Name: Emmy
SJ Name: MadameEvelyn (M.E.)
Website/Comic:None yet. WIP'S!
Favorite Things to Draw: People...?
Art Style Used:Manga-ish
Preferred Art Tools:Pencil and ink pen! Or digital pen tool.
Mini Bio: Just an everyday kind of artist, one who draws for hobby's sake. I really enjoy comics, and I'm so glad to meet others just like me! Very adaptable kind of artist, I'll try most any medium.

SJ Name: Andrew
Website/Comic: De-Masked, Dissociative Fugue
Favorite Things to Draw: Little boys, realistic faces, crazy people, old fashioned women.
Art Style Used: dunno, cartoons I guess.
Preferred Art Tools: pencil (mechanical or lead), tablet with photoshop/sai
Mini Bio: I'm very forgetful....?

Real Name: Drea
SJ Name: Dreager
Website/Comic: Neau
Favorite Things to Draw: Demon Daughters (from my comic), funky cats, people I know, animals
Art Style Used: Cartoon?
Preferred Art Tools: Wacom Tablet, Photoshop, Inkscape, Pencil, Paper, Markers
Mini Bio: I dream of making my epic story into an epic comic. I have loved to draw since I was a tiny tot.

Real Name:
SJ Name:
Favorite Things to Draw:
Art Style Used:
Preferred Art Tools:
Mini Bio:

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