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DanaBoBana, January 16th, 2011, 7:23 am ( Reply )

- So for the past week, mappy41 and I have been planning for our first newsletter issue that will be posted on February 1st! We have some really cool ideas for it already, and as time goes on, we hope our issues get better and better and have more volunteers!

Now a little help from you guys. Since our issue is going to have a Valentines day theme, we are accepting Valentines day related drawings. So if you would like to contribute, feel free to make a valentines day card, or drawings to add to our issues. You can draw as many as you would like! Just pm your drawings to me here on SJ. ****EDIT**** The deadline is the end of January 31st I changed the deadline to give everyone some extra time. I'll make a "last call" announcement as well.

Also you CAN use your own comics and characters for the cards as well, and of course I will mention you and your comic (Just make sure you send me the name of your comic too if it is not on the card/drawing)

ALSO! Every month in our issues we will be mentioning everyone's birthdays, so comment below with your birthdate and I will add you name to the month list below.

Thank you everyone, and don't forget to check out and sign up in our Drawing Party! Forums! The link is at the top of the page :3

********************** Birthdays have been moved Here *********************

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Reader Comments:

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I guess I'll try to contribute for the issue this month.

Should my contribution be different than the one I will submit for the month's theme?

Anyway... my birthday is September 6, 1993

posted by Kai173 on January 16th, 2011, 8:42 am

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@Kai: It's totally optional, but the more the ppl who contribute, the better! Yes, for the issue, the theme will be Valentines day, so you can make Valentines day cards or any other little drawings or goodies relating to it :3

Also just added your b-day! Thanks!

posted by DanaBoBana on January 16th, 2011, 8:59 am

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I'll contribute as well! :D
Do the pics have to be a certain size?

My bday is on November 1! :D

posted by Annamaru on January 16th, 2011, 12:12 pm

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@toadette: Awesome! Thanks a lot! :D
@Annamaru: Yay! Thank you! The pics don't have to be any certain size, but they will be posted on an 8 1/2" x 11" page at 72dpi (about 612 x 792 pixels), so as long as they fit on the page... but I can always resize it also to make it fit :3

posted by DanaBoBana on January 16th, 2011, 5:57 pm

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*takes phone to reminders and typed* September 6, 2011- Gatecrash Kai's birthday party.Haha!:D

posted by mappy41 on January 16th, 2011, 10:25 pm

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haha Dana you should know when mine is May 8th! :3

as for the valentines day cards can we use our webcomic related characters?

posted by BakaMonMon on January 16th, 2011, 11:07 pm

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@mappy: PARTY at Kai's!! 8D
@BakaMonMon: You're right I should have known! X3 But YES! Absolutely you can use your own characters/comics for the cards. :3
@MudkipLover: BWWEEEHH XD I'll have to look it up to get a hint! >:3 Can't wait to see what you come up with!

posted by DanaBoBana on January 17th, 2011, 5:33 am

( Reply )

@mappy: oh no you don't! not after I've partied at your house first!!! MARCH 7! THE DATE IS SET!!! You better get ready! (I just noticed that you have the same birthday as my cousin XD)

posted by Kai173 on January 17th, 2011, 7:30 am

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@kai- haha! no problem! but my party isn't a drinking party. Im planning japanese foods! ONIGIRI!XD

posted by mappy41 on January 17th, 2011, 8:44 am

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ME: June 7

Star of darkness: march 3

posted by your shadow on January 17th, 2011, 12:49 pm

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@mappy: you should know by now that I consume gratuitous amounts of Japanese food on a regular basis....... oh right, I never mentioned... but now you know! SO GET READY!!!

posted by Kai173 on January 18th, 2011, 7:17 am

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hmm... We have 3 who have their birthdays on the lucky number 7.:D Dana, your shadow, and me.XD

@Kai173- ... ... ... maybe i'll go with mexican. BRING OUT THE TACOS!!!XD

posted by mappy41 on January 18th, 2011, 11:41 pm

( Reply )

@mappy: you can't escape me that easily! Spicy foods are my specialty! I put 4 table spoons of chili sauce on my rice everyday!

posted by Kai173 on January 19th, 2011, 5:41 am

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My B-day is Sept. 8...darn I was so close to being another 7th b-day!

posted by Only HandDrawing on January 19th, 2011, 3:26 pm

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@Mappy and HandDrawing: 8's are catching up though! :D

@Kai: Never had it before, but chili sauce on rice is sounding REALLY good right now!

posted by DanaBoBana on January 19th, 2011, 3:38 pm

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@Dana: it always sounds good... my mouth always waters whenever I think of it

posted by Kai173 on January 20th, 2011, 6:02 am

( Reply )

my b-day's 2nd of September ;)

posted by dylanrowe on January 20th, 2011, 12:11 pm

( Reply )

i think there should be a chapter for birthday pics, i'm sure you had already thought of this lol! XD

posted by your shadow on January 20th, 2011, 8:51 pm

( Reply )

Wow! There's a lotta celebrants for September!:D Party Party!XD...

@Kai173- Man! I think you'll just eat anything edible! Maybe if I go with Chinese food you'll just say you love dumplings, maybe if i'll go with Russian you'll say vodka is your water, maybe i'll go with ... oh never mind! There's no escaping you!:D

@your shadow- I think we will feature birthdays in the newsletter, but so far no celebrants for february yet. Maybe we can post the pics of the party on the next issue after the month of your birthday. Lets ask Dana about it.:D

posted by mappy41 on January 20th, 2011, 9:15 pm

( Reply )

i wasn't thinking of my birthday, i was going to make a pic in march for a friend of mine.

posted by your shadow on January 20th, 2011, 10:21 pm

( Reply )

@your shadow- Oh! like a drawing present for the celebrant? That sounds nice!:D I think its a great idea!:D... is it for meeeeeee?XD Just kidding, I know its for star.:)

posted by mappy41 on January 20th, 2011, 11:32 pm

( Reply )

@mappy: yeah... I'll eat pretty much anything except food that has vinegar on it

posted by Kai173 on January 21st, 2011, 6:40 am

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@your shadow: I actually haven't thought about having a chapter just for birthday pictures. But like mappy said, since we will be announcing birthdays in our newsletters, shall I post the drawing gifts in the newsletters as well? Then again, also thinking if everyone should get a b-day "gift" drawing. I just wouldn't want anyone to feel left out ^^;; Or should I just set up a birthday chapter, and whoever wants to draw a gift for another party member, can draw and post it?

posted by DanaBoBana on January 21st, 2011, 7:45 pm

( Reply )

Thats kinda what i was thinking of. I'm going to draw a birthday pic, cuz my freind has been realy busy and hasnt been on smackjeeves as much.

A chapter for birthday pic's is up to you, i wont mind if you choose not to make one. I just thought you might like the idea.

posted by your shadow on January 22nd, 2011, 12:20 pm

( Reply )

> ___ <"" Why didn't I check earlier? I have 4 days now! = A =""

My birthday is April 20th btw :) I have a question~ where will the newsletter be published?

posted by Shigatsu-Chama on January 24th, 2011, 5:59 pm

( Reply )

Shigatsu-Chama: If you can't get it done before the 28th, I'll let you send it in a little late. It was really short notice and many may not get it in time. If others are having trouble finishing on time, I may just extend it to the 31st... or until the newsletter is posted ^_^;;

The newsletter itself will be posted on this site as in its own chapter :3

posted by DanaBoBana on January 24th, 2011, 6:52 pm

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@Dana: Ah! That will be great! Now I have time to color! I'm jut having trouble of picking out which drawing I'd like to use coz I did 3... one of them will go to the month's theme and the other will probably go to the Random Drawings section and the last one I will send :D

posted by Kai173 on January 25th, 2011, 8:20 am

( Reply )

@Kai: I will change the deadline to the 31st (I want to make a card too and I don't think mine will be done on time either! Haha!) If you can't decide, feel free to send in more than one :3

posted by DanaBoBana on January 25th, 2011, 8:31 am

( Reply )

My birthdays March 2,1996 and I'll have to update soon D: have not done so in a while.

posted by blixx on January 25th, 2011, 12:53 pm

  ( Reply )

My birthday is 18 November 2000

posted by OrangeJuz on January 28th, 2011, 3:44 am

( Reply )

@Dana: I just sent in mine! check your PM Dana ^^

posted by Kai173 on January 29th, 2011, 7:41 am

( Reply )

Kai173: I got it! Thank you so much! ^_^ Got two contributions so far :D

Remember everyone, you have until the end of the month to send your drawings in!

posted by DanaBoBana on January 29th, 2011, 9:24 am

( Reply )

Birthday Comment: May 11th! (Unfortunately long since past)

posted by MadameEvelyn on July 1st, 2011, 4:09 pm

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