Any questions? Ask DanaBoBana, and the answers may be posted here as well!

Q: Can I use my tablet/photoshop/some other medium other than pencil and paper?
A: Yes! Just as long as you don't use photographs or sprites alone.

Q: Is it too late to join?
A: Nope! You can join anytime! And there is no limit to how many can join.

Q: I just joined and I missed the theme for a previous month. Can I still draw something for a past theme?
A: Yes! Just make sure you post your drawing/comic page under the appropriate category.

Q: Can I suggest a theme?
A: Yep! You can either comment or send me (DanaBoBana) a message. I take all ideas into consideration. :)

Q: The rules say this collab is not meant to promote your comic... does that mean I can't draw my characters in any other section besides the "Comics" section?
A: Nope, you can draw your own characters, even for the themes. I just don't want one person to post nothing but a bunch of drawings of their comic and say "READ MY COMICS PLZ!!!!" The "Comic" section is just for that so that everyone has an equal chance to promote themselves. So feel free to practice drawing your characters and post them in the "Random Drawings" section!

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