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Just to let everyone know!

Just to let you guys know, I moved some of the drawings to the "Random Drawings" section, so in case you're wondering where they went. I changed some of the rules on the categories so they would be a little more clear so everyone knows where to post their drawings. Because now that there are more categories, it can be a bit confusing.

Below is the list of categories and what can be posted in each one:

- Introduce Yourself: This is pretty self explanatory.
- Fun Stuff: This is for more interactive stuff, where everyone can contribute. The Party Room is a great example :3
- Comics: Post your own comics here and promote yourselves! One image per comic please.
- Fanart for Webcomics: I changed the name so that everyone knows that only fanart for webcomics go in here. No fanart for tv shows, books, etc. please.
- Critiques: If you have a drawing you would like critiqued, post it here.
- Tutorials: The "How to..." stuff goes here.
- Random Drawings: All other drawings (sketches, fanart, practice drawings, etc) go here.

For any other questions send me, DanaBoBana a message/comment, and also some more questions have been added to the FAQ section.

Thanks everyone! :D

posted by DanaBoBana @ December 1st, 2010, 7:57 am  -  0 Comments

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